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Crime Prevention and Liability Mitigation services

Frontline Defense Solutions is a veteran owned company that focuses on crime prevention and liability mitigation. Crime prevention can be achieved by reducing the opportunities for criminal activity. The three strategies applied to accomplish this goal are Crime Prevention Through Environment Design, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment and a crime analysis.


We offer Services that minimize opportunities for crime and educate workforce on survival techniques

Frontline Defense Solutions is a veteran owned business based in Arizona specializing in crime prevention strategies and liability mitigation solutions. Reduced chances for criminal conduct can be used to deter crime. Crime Prevention through Environment Design, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment, and crime analysis are the three tactics used to achieve this goal.

Knowledge Is Power

A property crime is committed every three seconds, a burglary every twelve seconds, a motor vehicle theft every twenty seconds, and a murder every twenty-three minutes, according to the US Department of Justice. These figures, unfortunately, have an impact on every aspect of our society, including neighborhood associations. Identifying specific vulnerabilities at your facility and empowering employees with knowledge of survival can both reduce crime and liability 

Threat and Vulnerability Assessments using Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Crime prevention programs through Environmental Design, (CPTED) a multi-disciplinary approach to crime prevention that incorporates urban and architectural design and the management of both built and natural settings. CPTED tactics are designed to reduce victimization, dissuade offender judgments that lead to criminal acts, and foster a sense of community among residents to achieve territorial control of places, reduce crime, and lessen the fear of crime. CPTED is recognized as the international standard for crime prevention worldwide. 

Threat and Vulnerability Assessment is another step in crime prevention (TVA). A TVA will identify areas of vulnerability in an existing property or one built. The vulnerable areas will be addressed with established mitigation measures to lessen the likelihood of crime and, as a result, the property owner’s culpability.



Finally, a comprehensive crime and threat analysis is carried out, including population, income, demography, and crime statistics, to build a pattern and make future forecasts. This will provide a thorough historical overview and information on future growth and crime patterns.

Clients will have a better awareness of existing crime and area trends and the ability to predict future trends if these effective crime prevention strategies are implemented. Additionally, clients will benefit in terms of effectively navigating interactions with government entities for matters related to zoning and permits. Finally, this procedure will demonstrate a commitment to a safer business model.

With 20 years of civilian law enforcement experience and over 25 years of military experience concentrating on Force Protection and Antiterrorism, owner Shawn Prinkey provides a unique skill set for crime prevention.

Shawn Prinkey

Founder and CEO of FrontLine Defense Solutions


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