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Active Shooter Survival

Active Shooter

At Front Line Defense Solutions, we think that education is the key to solving any problem. Therefore, we are committed to providing highly relevant content to improve the knowledge of field experts and those wishing to enhance their safety abilities. Our educational programs offer high-quality, convenient, and cost-effective in-person training.



In our active shooter  survival training , you’ll learn how to spot danger indicators, react effectively, and make quick survival decisions. Pinkey consult goes above and beyond functional shooter response training by teaching how to deal with life-threatening situations.

This course will teach you:

  • About the causes of active shooter occurrences and the mental process that an assailant goes through both before and during an active shooter situation.
  • Determine which actions and red flags indicate the likelihood of an active shooter incident.
  • Develop a survival mindset and increased situational awareness, which help you respond to active shooters effectively.

Those who complete our active shooter survival training are also better prepared to train and instruct others, whether they were unable to attend the first training session or future staff, ensuring that everyone is on the same page in the case of an active shooter incident. Working as a cohesive team where everyone understands what to do (and does it without dispute) can boost survival prospects by speeding up the active shooter response.